I lead and encourage

I lead projects from discovery through to delivery, encouraging cross-disciplinary team members to partake in the research and design process and mentoring designers to deliver their best work. I line manage designers, enabling them to achieve their professional goals, and I use storytelling skills to create excitement around the future and to engage stakeholders and external audiences with the design process.

I research & understand

Leading, conducting and analysing user research to develop personas, uncover user needs and to test prototypes and designs to inform both initial and iterative development. Understanding competitive landscapes and working with stakeholders, business leads and quantitative data to balance strategic business, product and user goals.

I conceptualise & prototype

Developing user stories, journeys and information architecture, and conceptualising strategies that inform every aspect of how a user interacts with the product. I use low and high-fidelity diagrams, interactive wireframes and work with engineers to produce fully functioning prototypes, ready for testing and to inform build.

I design & deliver

As a product designer, I am adept at working within a design system in order to deliver a consistent experience, quickly, and I collaborate with engineers to evolve and maintain such systems. I can also work with brands to interpret and evolve them digitally, and am happy creating new visual interactions.